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Lead Dog BBQ Wins Texas BBQ Sauce Contest


The 2014 Getting’ Sauced! BBQ Sauce Festival panel of food writers, food bloggers, and barbecue sauce enthusiasts judged BBQ sauces from across the nation during their 5TH annual contest and crowned Lead Dog Savory BBQ Sauce as the Overall Winner.  The entries were judged on their overall impression in five categories consisting of Tomato (mild), Tomato (spicy), Vinegar, Mustard and Miscellaneous.  Lead Dog’s Sweet, Savory and Spicy BBQ Sauces competed alongside commercially available sauces from across the nation.  Lead Dog Sweet BBQ Sauce finished second in the Miscellaneous category with Lead Dog Savory BBQ Sauce finishing first in the Mustard Category.  Lead Dog Savory BBQ Sauce went on to compete and win as the Overall winner against all of the other category winners.  “I was speechless,” said Dan Gilson, Owner of The Charcoal Supply Company and Manufacturer of Lead Dog BBQ Products, when notified of the results “We have always thought our products were good but it is great to know that other people think so, too!”

The Charcoal Supply Company which manufactures Lead Dog BBQ Products is located in North Pole, Alaska and products can be purchased at stores and shops throughout Alaska as well as online at  They offer Lead Dog Trail Dust All Purpose Rub, Lead Dog Rugged Trail Dust All Purpose Rub, Lead Dog Savory BBQ Sauce, Lead Dog Spicy BBQ Sauce and Lead Dog Sweet BBQ Sauce.

Competition for the 2014 Getting’ Sauced! BBQ Sauce Festival in Austin, Texas received entries from across the nation spanning from Alaska to Florida.  Each Category of sauce is judged by 3 judges to determine category winners with all of the category winners being judged by a panel of 10 judges to determine the overall winner.  According to Drew Thornley, one of the event coordinators, Getting’ Sauced! BBQ Sauce Festival is the largest blind tasted BBQ sauce contest in Texas.

Gettin' Sauced! is a barbecue sauce contest and festival in Austin, Texas.  Sauces from throughout the United States enter the contest which features two divisions.  The People’s Choice Division is judged on-site by the festival attendees and the categories in the Bottled Sauce Division are blind judged.  Category winners go head-to-head to determine the overall winner.  Getting’ Sauced! takes place annually every fall. For more information visit

Our award winning Lead Dog Sauces and Rub are available for purchase online. Lead Dog BBQ Products are also available statewide at the following retail locations:

The Great Alaskan Bowl Company, Fairbanks
Co-Op Market Grocery & Deli, Fairbanks
Alaska Feed Company, Fairbanks
The Knotty Shop, Salcha
Once in a Blue Moose, Anchorage
The Ulu Factory, Anchorage
Alaska Max, Anchorage
Grizzly's Gifts, Anchorage
Captain Jack's Seafood Locker, Seward
Allen Marine Tours, Sitka
Simple Pleasures, Sitka
2 Sisters Alaska Seafood, Kenai
Sam McGee's, Ketchikan

Also look for us at trade shows and at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market!!


Smoking Chips available

We have Applewood, Mesquite, Alder and Hickory Smoking Chips.


Custom Wood Chip Blends

We are now custom blending wood chips for smoking, grilling, and BBQ perfection!

Joe’s All Purpose Catering and Competition Blend

This great blend of traditional smoke flavors was developed by Joe, the Pitmaster of Z’s Smokeshack BBQ Catering and Competition BBQ Cooking Team.  This blend of Red Oak, Apple, and Hickory wood chips works great with Pork, Beef, and Poultry for traditional style BBQ or anytime a robust smoke flavor is desired.

Prime Poultry Blend

This prime blend of Pecan, Apple and Cherry wood chips will add a mellow, slightly sweet, smoky flavor to Chicken and Turkey as well as providing great color.  This blend will work well with any food that is complemented by a mild smoke flavor or anytime a mild smoke flavor is desired.

Premium Pork Blend

This premium blend of Red Oak, Peach, and Hickory wood chips will turn any pork roast or ribs into succulent BBQ!  This blend provides a robust yet mellow and slightly sweet smoke flavor to any foods cooked over it.  Use anytime a full bodied smoke flavor is desired

Hearty Beef Blend

This hearty blend of Red Oak, Hickory, and Mesquite wood chips will provide a robust smoke flavor that beef deserves!  Use this great blend to provide a hearty, robust smoke flavor for all your meats.  Works well with game meats, too!

Superior Seafood Blend

This superior blend of Apple and traditional northwest Alder wood chips brings a subtle, slightly sweet smoke to all of your seafood dishes.  This blend will add a smoky flavor to seafood without being overbearing.  Use anytime a subtle smoke flavor is desired.

Southwest (with a little Cali) Blend

This blend of Mesquite, Red Oak, and Almond wood chips was inspired by the robust mesquite flavors of the southwest and the mellow Red Oak and Almond flavors of California.  Use this blend to provide a signature southwest (with a little Cali) flavor to all of you smoked foods!

Smoky Stone Fruit Blend

This sweet stone fruit blend of Peach, Apricot and Plum wood chips produces a slightly sweet, slightly woodsy smoke that will work great with pork, poultry, and beef.  You could even give it a try with veggies or seafood as well!



Cooking Woods in stock

We have Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan, Red Oak, Almond, Apple, Peach, Cherry, Apricot, and Alder cooking woods in stock. In the spring we typically have limited quantities of Alaskan Grown Apple and Pear from a local orchard. Pick up a new wood to add a little something extra to your BBQ!!


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