Cooking in February

Going to a birthday party tonight and I am bringing BBQ!! I have one angus brisket that weighs in about 13 pounds and two pork buts that come in about 18 pounds. Not Bad, 31 pounds of meat in the cooker by 0500!!


Left: Brisket, about 13 pounds
Right: Two Pork Butts about 18 pounds
All rubbed down and ready to go!!

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker loaded with Wicked Good Charcoal "Weekend Warrior Blend" hardwood lump charcoal.

I usaully use Hickory when cooking butts and briskets together but today I am using Almond...Let's hope the experiment is good!

Lightin' the Fire!!

We're Smokin' now!!

Brisket in the and Butts on top!

Getting things buttoned up.

Now we're cooking!


 Here's a look inside that strange looking cooler. It houses my Stoker and wireless bridge so that I can monitor and control temps wirelessly from my laptop!

Here's the Stoker and wireless bridge outside the cooler. There is a power strip mounted underneath the stand so that only one extension cord is needed.

There is a heating pad on the bottom to keep everythin warm when it is cold outside!

Here is a screen shot showing the Stoker status on my laptop!

The Brisket is done and ready to come off of the smoker.


 The Pork Butts are done and ready to come off of the smoker.

Now that the Brisket and Pork Butts are done it is time for the Chicken wings and thighs to spend some time on the smoker.

The chicken has been smoked and is ready to be finished off on the grill.

The Wings are done and they were finished with Lead Dog Sweet BBQ Sauce

Thighs are done and were finished with Lead Dog Sweet BBQ Sauce.