Cooking in February

Going to a birthday party tonight and I am bringing BBQ!! I have one angus brisket that weighs in about 13 pounds and two pork buts that come in about 18 pounds. Not Bad, 31 pounds of meat in the cooker by 0500!!


Left: Brisket, about 13 pounds
Right: Two Pork Butts about 18 pounds
All rubbed down and ready to go!!

First Cook of the New Year!!

I decided to cook a brisket this weekend so I picked up a nice 14 pound whole Angus brisket at Sam's on my way home from work Friday night. This morning I gave it the rub

and let it come to room temp while I prepared the fire. I set up an 18' Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) Cooker with a little over 8 pounds of Natural Mesquite Lump Charcoal